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Catering Hire FAQ

Hiring catering for your event will often lead to many questions. These questions can be hard to find the answers for if you do not know where to look. In this guide, we will answer some of the questions you may have to make your decisions easier.

What type of events can be catered for?

The answer to this question is simple; any event that you can host can be catered in one way or another. A small garden party can hire some 'basic' equipment, while a large corporate event can hire full services to ensure everything runs without complications.

How much will I pay?

This question depends on both what you require and the company that you choose. There are plenty of companies that offer catering services in your area; therefore, prices are getting lower on a daily basis. To pay the lowest price you may need to use more than one company to service your needs, however, if you do this it all gets a bit more complicated, therefore, you need to weigh up the positives and the negatives.

Are bars available for hire?

There are plenty of companies that offer a variety of bars. From 'basic' beer tents to up market cocktail bars, you will always find something that will fit your needs. Before renting a bar make sure they are fully licensed otherwise you are breaking the law.

What happens if I break an item?

When you hire any equipment (apart from disposable) you will pay a deposit that is refundable on successful return of all the equipment. If you break an item then you will usually pay a small amount of your deposit to cover for the item, however, you need to check with your provider. Some have conditions written deep in their terms that any equipment that is broken, lost or damage will be punished with full loss of your deposit, however, this is rarely the case anymore.

Do I have to clean the equipment I hire?

Once again this depends on the company. Some companies charge a small fee to clean the items on return; others charge nothing, and some only take the equipment back if it is in the same condition as they rented it to your party.

What if I need to hire the equipment for more than one day?

This is something that plenty of the hire companies offer, most of them also severely reduce their costs if you hire your equipment for more than one day. For example, say it costs L50 to rent a number of plates for a day it may only cost L100 to rent them for a week.

Do I have to pick up and return the items?

Most companies pick up and collect your items for a small fee or even free of charge, however, make sure you check this before renting.

Hopefully the above has answered some of your questions that you have about hiring catering services, however, no company has the same terms and conditions, so make sure you check with each company.

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