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Nowadays 'perfect' events are rare because there is less disposable income available for social purposes; however, many forget to remember that due to decreased amounts of business, many catering companies have had to severely lower their costs to stay competitive in the market place. In this guide, we will explore what type of events require what type of catering services and why.

With all the events below you always have to consider the size of your event; it would be foolish to hire a full catering service (including staff) for a corporate event for five or ten people. This means you have to make sure you research the total price of the catering against your budget and size of your party before making any rash decisions.

Corporate Event

If you are hosting a rather sizeable corporate event then some form of hired catering service is a must. For a large 'gathering' it would be expected that you deliver a top class event, especially if you have a large budget from the company. For a larger event you will need to hire staff to serve and make the food, and equipment including; tables, chairs, cutlery, china and decorations to ensure all your needs are met. It would also be expected that the food on offer is top class; therefore, the chefs will have to be able to prepare top quality meals.

Fireworks event

If you are hosting a large fireworks event then some form of catering services will be expected. Most commonly it would be expected that you have a mobile catering van offering traditional English food. On top of this it would also be a good idea to hire a licensed bar to accommodate everybody's needs. If you have a selection of the above then you can almost guarantee you will turn a profit on the evening (if your event is big enough).


A wedding is a special day for the bride, groom, family and friends, therefore, it is expected that a top quality catering service is offered. Depending on your budget you could either hire a full catering service or equipment to host a buffet.

Car Boot Sale

For a car boot sale it would be expected that there is some form of mobile catering van. For this event the minimum requirements would be an ice cream van that offers drinks. It is not necessary to have food served at the event; however, this may be suitable depending on the size.

Garden Party

If you are having a garden party then hiring catering services can be a weight off your mind. You may not need to hire staff, but you can still buy disposable items that are available from most catering hire companies.

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