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If you are organising a party, then having mobile catering units can give it something extra special. In this guide, we will explore what types of mobile catering units are available for hire and how much they will roughly cost.

If you are hosting an event on private grounds like a firework event or a fate then mobile catering units will be expected. Not only are they now necessary they could also bring in extra income for the event, on the other hand, if you are hosting a private corporate event or other type of private party, then mobile catering units can stop the need for a sit down catering service.

Many of the mobile catering units available for hire will also supply a limited amount of both chairs and tables, however, be careful as the mobile catering vans only usually bring 1-5 tables (which seat about three or four) and a small amount of chairs because that is all they can fit in their vans. If you need additional chairs and tables then you can request them, or use another company to hire them.

Traditional English Foods

Most vans you see at fairgrounds and other public events serve traditional English foods. Many people are not aware that these vans can also be hired for private events. They come with staff; therefore, you will not need anybody to serve the food. They can also offer a variety of foods including; burgers, baguettes, breakfasts, pies, and 'healthier' options including; jacket potatoes and salads. All these vans also supply a full range of drinks including; soft drinks and tea and coffee, which will be perfect for a 'social' event, however, they will not supply alcohol as they do not have the licence to do this, unless specified.


If you are holding a party then a mobile bar will probably be one thing on your list. There is a variety of bars available for hire, including, cocktail bars all the way through to a 'simple' bar serving a selection of beers, wines and spirits. When hiring, make sure the bar has all the correct licences otherwise you are breaking the law by serving drinks at your party.


As well as the main two mobile catering units above, there is a variety of others available for hire including; candy floss stalls, hot dog vans, fish and chip vans, burger vans, crepe vans or vans that serve specialist foreign foods including Mexican, Indian or Caribbean.

If you are planning to hire one of these vans then you should expect to pay in the region of L500 per van per event.

If you are renting one of these vans then you can make a deal with the supplier, either people pay for their foods as they eat them, or you can create a tab and pay for the foods yourself at the end of the event, but you will need to talk to the supplier about this, as not all caters offer this service.

Many people do not think that you can hire mobile catering units for your event, however, there is no doubt that having a selection of mobile catering units can make a good event a great one.

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