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Hiring catering services for an outdoor event should not be a worry as there are so many companies that offer this service. Many people tend to worry because the United Kingdom is known for its adverse weather conditions. In this guide, we will explore what services you can hire for your outdoor event and why you should not be worried about the weather.

Mobile Catering Hire

Hiring a company that will provide mobile catering units may be the right option for your gathering. If you are holding a corporate event then you can hire a foreign foods mobile catering unit that will supply a variety of foreign foods which may be ideal depending on your crowd. If you are hiring a mobile catering unit for a social event then you could also hire a traditional English mobile catering unit, a bar, candy floss stall, fish and chips unit, crepe unit or a variety of others that are available. If your event is large then you can even hire more than one mobile catering unit.

Marquee and Catering

If you are worrying about the weather, or other adverse conditions then hiring a marquee will probably be the way forward. If you do decide to hire a marquee then you can also hire a full catering service to accommodate all your needs. A full catering service will include all the required equipment, staff and food, however, this can be pricy, and therefore, it really depends on what type of party you are offering.

BBQ or Hog Roast

If you want something a bit different then offering a full BBQ or a hog roast may be the best choice. This choice is particularly popular for events like a firework night as the food suits the occasion. If you are worried about the weather then you can hire a small marquee to go over the BBQ or hog roast which will not cost you anything more than L100. If you decide to have a BBQ then the different choices of BBQ available are huge and not as expensive as you may think. Hiring a six foot BBQ will not set you back any more than L100, therefore for just a L200 outlay (excluding food) you can have a full BBQ or hog roast.

Disposable Hire

Disposable items are by far the cheapest and easiest alternative to the choices above. If you want to have buffet style catering for your outdoor event then this is something that is available. First, you need to hire a large table to accommodate your foods, then you can buy disposable items from most rental firms. 200 large plates will cost no more than L30 and cutlery pieces will cost about L0.05 per unit. When you take these prices into account you can see that this is a viable option for most parties.

When you are hiring catering services for an outdoor event you are never short of options. Remember; always make sure you select the right choice based on both price and the needs of the party.

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