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A wedding is a wonderful event for everybody involved, therefore, getting all of the key elements correct is essential to not only making sure the events runs flawlessly, but that people remember the day for years to come. One of the key elements that you need to make sure you get right is the catering. In this guide, we will explore the different types of catering available for weddings.

There are two types of wedding catering hire and which one you choose will really depend on your personal preference and budget.

Sit Down Meal

If you have a rather larger budget (or even if you do not) you can hire the catering services to ensure you can have a terrific sit down meal. Many weddings use this format for a selection of guests because it is considered the normal thing; therefore, it is the most popular selection. The vast majority of catering companies will offer the full wedding service as part of a package deal that will include everything you require, however, if you wish, and to gain a better price you can usually rent your equipment from different companies, but this is generally more hassle.

If you do decide to go ahead with a sit down meal for say 30 people then here is a rough price guide for the equipment that you will need to hire:

  • Champagne Flutes - L10
  • Water Glasses - L10
  • Glass Jug (for water) - L10
  • Cutlery - L30
  • China - L30
  • Tables - L50
  • Plate Waiting Staff – Per individual L15 per hour or L25 per hour for ‘unsociable’ hour
  • Bar Staff - L18 per hour or L25 for ‘unsociable’ hours.
  • Chefs - L35 per hour.
  • Staff travelling – Around 70p per mile that each staff member has to travel (depends on the company.)

This is without any catering appliances or food that will also need to be hired/brought on top of the costs above, therefore, you can see how your overall price will mount up quickly.

If you are having a sit down meal then it will be expected that you are either in a hall or some sort of marquee, otherwise chefs will not be able to cook the food properly, this is another expense you have to consider.

Buffet Dining

While a sit down meal may be the most popular option at the moment, buffets are becoming increasingly popular due to the lower costs. Obviously, you will still need to hire equipment, but the price will be much lower that a sit down meal.

You will probably need to hire at least one member of staff and the ‘regular’ cutlery, china, tables etc…, but there will be no need for a chef and the food will be much less expensive. On top of this you will need to hire equipment like plate and food warmers, to make sure you food stays hot throughout the duration of the meal.

As you can see from the above your options for wedding catering hire may be limited, but your choices of company are not. There are hundreds of companies battling for your business so make sure you put in the effort to research the variety of companies on offer.

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